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Turtle Shell

Turtle Shell labeled "useless" is a male contestant on Object Island. He was part of Team PeePeePooPooShire.

Description and Bio[]

Turtle Shell is simply a character that does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So yeah nothing to say about him. But that's the thing about him, he has no development to make him a good character.


Turtle Shell is a useless silent type who fades to the backround. He doesn't move or change facial expression at all. This affect may have been caused by the sun he was kicked into.


Episode Eliminated

OI: Build and Row

Rank: 20th


In Welcome to the Island, He was introduced as a character that did nothing. Amplifier kicked him into the sun and was seen a few scenes later flying from the sun into Gumball Machine. Then you just see his burned body on the ground. He doesn't do much after that in the episode.

In Build and Row, He appeared after the intro doing nothing as usual. When Gumball Machine falls into the ground, Turtle Shell falls on him. he does, you guessed it, nothing during the raft building part of the challenge. But when Turtle Shell's team goes through the maze, he was left outside with the disabled Gumball Machine and the helpless Tree. His team lost and was up for elimination. At elimination, it was down to Turtle Shell and Skype Icon and Skype Icon was safe and Turtle Shell was eliminated off his team. 


  • Turtle Shell has no speaking lines
    • Turtle Shell also has the same facial expression