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Window labeled, "The Shy One", is a female contestant on Object Island. She is on The Dynamic Beats.

Description and Bio[]

Window is a shy person and isn't very social. She does try to make atleast a few friends on the show. She is very nice and doesn't want to be mean to anyone.




She mainly is shy and she doesn't talk to anyone much and is somewhat of a loner. 


Episode Eliminated


Rank: TBA


In Welcome to the Island, Window is seen hiding behind Stoney from Soccer Ball. She introduces herself and is one of the last cast members introduced. In the challenge, Window and Skype Icon went around the beach to search. Skype Icon was looking in the sand for the flag, but Window said that the flag was probably not hidden in the sand. However, Skype Icon didn't listen and just kept digging while all the sand got on Window. Window is seen buried in the sand near the end of the episode and isn't seen again.

In Build and Row, Window is seen in the beginning of the episode. When Ball mentions how easy the challenge was, Window replies saying how if Skype listened to her, they would have found the flag. Skype decided to give Window his pet rock as a present of forgiveness. She takes it but doesn't know what to say about this gift. When it was team picking time, Window was chosen on to Headphones' team. When they had to open the craft for part 1 of the challenge, Paint Bucket suggested they use her crobar, and Window agrees and decides to use it to open the craft. The craft does open and Window and the others start to build. Window suggested that they should paint it blue when they were done and happen to see Paint Bucket's brother, Blue Paint Bucket and used him to paint the boat. She was seen in the episode, but didn't say much though. But in the end, Window's team was safe from elimination.


  • Headphones' creator hates Window for no reason what so ever.
  • Window's design is based off a lego window